The Horse Shoe Bar

"much like a favourite old record, people just forget how good the Horseshoe is until they revisit it again after a spell away at more modern places."

"there is absolutely no better place to go for lunch whether you're out shopping or just out of it!""

The Horseshoe Karaoke

Monday - Saturday

8pm till close


5pm till close

Horseshoe mugs


available at the bar


Ask at the bar for details of colours/sizes/cost

Horse Shoe Bar

17 - 19 Drury Street, Glasgow

0141 248 6368

Manager and Licensee - Michael Rogerson

"By the early 1900s the pub had become something of a Glasgow institution and was as popular with prosperous merchants as with humble clerks"


We used to publish the food menus here and details of special offers, however Mitchells & Butlers have now got there own web site for The Horse Shoe which gives full details of the standard Mitchells & Butlers menus available in all of their pubs. So we'll leave the details to them to update.

However, they don't mention on their site that you can still buy a traditional pie.....

So we'll do that here.. Next time you're in The Horse Shoe, have a pie with your pint.

They're made under licence for McGhees Bakers by Pars Foods and delivered fresh every day from their Glasgow bakery. Go on-- try a pie..

We're not selfish of the pies though, so here's a link to the Mitchells & Butlers site where you can have a look at the alternatives..

I'm not a pie eater, take me to the alternative menu The link unfortunately may take you away from our site... please come back anytime.

If you are a whisky drinker, then from the 2nd of April 2014, Mitchells and Butlers increased the price of a dram CONSIDERABLY. The prices were set by a Mitchells and Butlers decision to include The Horseshoe in their "branding" which means that they have taken the decision of pricing away from local management and made them consistent with those of the majority of their pubs, most of which are in England. So now we will have to pay more for Scottish whiskies. If you do not agree with this substantial increase, please contact Mitchell and Butlers Chief Executive direct - Alistair Darby on or call him direct on 0121 498 4000 or to Stephen Thomas, Retail Business Manager of Oak Tree and Sizzling Pubs on 07808 094234

Our support is still with the local management - this increase has been made solely by the marketing department of Mitchells and Butlers in Birmingham now including The Horsehoe under their Oak Tree and Sizzling Pubs branding..

"Nothing beats a lunchtime pie and a pint"

It's been part of the city's social culture for so long that it transcends style, class, taste and sometimes even species !

"a dinner dripping with pure 'Glesga' culture"

Horseshoe ppie

The pie - a traditional lunchtime snack / meal with thousands of patrons of The Horseshoe Bar for some considerable number of years. It's the natural choice with a pint

Bitter & Twisted

McGhees Pies

Horseshoe whisky