The Horse Shoe Bar

"much like a favourite old record, people just forget how good the Horseshoe is until they revisit it again after a spell away at more modern places."

"there is absolutely no better place to go for lunch whether you're out shopping or just out of it!""

The Horseshoe Karaoke

Monday - Saturday

8pm till close


5pm till close

Horseshoe mugs


available at the bar


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Horse Shoe Bar

17 - 21 Drury Street, Glasgow

0141 248 6368

Manager and Licensee - Michael Rogerson

"By the early 1900s the pub had become something of a Glasgow institution and was as popular with prosperous merchants as with humble clerks"


On Friday 8th August, Mitchells & Butlers offered their Horseshoe regulars the option to TRY A PIE

Read the full saga and updates here...

Of the three samples tried out, none of them really could be said were of real tasty scotch pie quality... and the last-minute contributed pies from a local baker, were not made available.

Even some of our overseas friends, from Australia and from USA, were unimpressed.

So what is The Horseshoe going to do to reintroduce an acceptable pie ?

Well they could try going back in time - to a few months ago when there was a daily fresh pie delivered from a local Glasgow supplier and which everyone was very happy with.

Hopefully on 6th November, there will be a NEW Horseshoe pie - unfortunately not a McGhees one, but according to Jayne Baker, Retail Director of Mitchells & Butlers - " a product very closely matched to the original pie"

So - Try A Horseshoe Pie, and let us know what you think of it.... Here's what I think of the new Horseshoe Pie

We've been trying since JULY to have a quality tasting pie put back in The Horseshoe .. Mitchells & Butlers are unable to supply one despite there being a local Glasgow baker who managed to do just that with 1000's of quality pies to the entire Commonwealth Games village.

Going by the lack of lunchtime customers on Friday, 31st October, it looks like lots of unhappy customers are getting fed up with Mitchells & Butlers intransigent attitude and are going elsewhere for lunch. They are just not listening to their regulars, either that or they're ignoring the dozens of complaints made about tasteless pies, fluorescent peas, loss of home-made menu items, wrong type of soup.. Seems the day of the customer is always right are long gone - it's now take it or leave it - so thank you Mitchells & Butlers, we'll just leave it.

Scotsh Pie Club with acknowledgement to The Scotch Pie Club

On the food front, Mitchells & Butlers official response regarding the change to the 'home-made' items being removed from the popular 3 course lunch is that they had to make the changes to comply with the Food Information for Consumers European Union Regulation 1169/2011. This looks to us like a food labelling regulation and nothing to do with the preparation of the home-made items which for as long as I've been going to The Horseshoe (48 years) hasn't done me any harm !!

If you are like me and haven't a clue what it is - you can read all about it here... best of luck.

ps.. At 31st October, the soup was still Tomato and Basil.. Seems that Mitchells & Butlers couldn't find a Scotch Broth - IN SCOTLAND - though we have had a letter saying the Scotch broth will be on from 3rd November.


"Nothing beats a lunchtime pie and a pint"

It's been part of the city's social culture for so long that it transcends style, class, taste and sometimes even species !

"a dinner dripping with pure 'Glesga' culture"

Horseshoe ppie

The pie - a traditional lunchtime snack / meal with thousands of patrons of The Horseshoe Bar for some considerable number of years. It's the natural choice with a pint

Bitter & Twisted

McGhees Pies

Horseshoe whisky