The Horse Shoe Bar

"much like a favourite old record, people just forget how good the Horseshoe is until they revisit it again after a spell away at more modern places."

"there is absolutely no better place to go for lunch whether you're out shopping or just out of it!""

The Horseshoe Karaoke

Monday - Saturday

8pm till close


5pm till close

Horseshoe mugs


available at the bar


Ask at the bar for details of colours/sizes/cost

Horse Shoe Bar

17 - 21 Drury Street, Glasgow

0141 248 6368

Manager and Licensee - Michael Rogerson

"By the early 1900s the pub had become something of a Glasgow institution and was as popular with prosperous merchants as with humble clerks"

If you have made a complaint in The Horseshoe over the quality of the pies, the cost of malt whisky, the removal of three of the most popular items from the 3-course menu - well so have we and we've emailed Alistair Darby, Chief Executive of Mitchells & Butlers in Birmingham about them. Once we get a response we'll publish it below.

We've left a large space for the reply !!

Whisky prices - UP

Pies - Tasteless replica of a Scotch Pie - Delivered frozen

3 Course Lunch - Home made soup - OFF THE MENU

3 Course Lunch - Home made macaroni cheese - OFF THE MENU

3 Course Lunch - Rice pudding and fruit - OFF THE MENU

Complaints on the above - MANY

Action by local management - Can't blame them - Instructions came from Birmingham



Dear Mr Hunter, Thank you for your e-mail sent on July 18 regarding the Horseshoe Bar.

I have now discussed the concerns you raise around the Three Course Lunch offer and the Scotch Pie, with our food development and food safety teams. The decision to remove the items from the lunch offer which were 'home cooked' on the premises was not taken lightly. Although the pub has an excellent food safety record, sourcing these products from our nominated suppliers ensures both consistency and safety of the products we sell which is a high priority for us.

Additionally, in readiness for the implementation of the Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 in December 2014, we have undertaken a review of our suppliers to ensure that we continue to provide food of the highest safety and quality. This food legislation is making it increasingly difficult to source products from local suppliers given the constraints involved.

With regard to your comments about the quality of the Scotch Pie we are currently offering, I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed. Although the product is sourced from our central supplier, it is a Scottish product made by Strathmore Foods in Forfar who have been making Scotch pies in Scotland since 1973.

However, based on feedback from a number of our other guests, we are currently reviewing this pie and I hope that Michael Rogerson, General Manager of the Horseshoe Bar, will be able to update you on our progress in the near future.

Thank you once again for your valuable feedback and please be assured that we have taken your points on board.

Kind regards, Jayne Baker Retail Director 27 Fleet Street, Birmingham

"Nothing beats a lunchtime pie and a pint"

It's been part of the city's social culture for so long that it transcends style, class, taste and sometimes even species !

"a dinner dripping with pure 'Glesga' culture"

Horseshoe ppie

The pie - a traditional lunchtime snack / meal with thousands of patrons of The Horseshoe Bar for some considerable number of years. It's the natural choice with a pint

Bitter & Twisted

McGhees Pies

Horseshoe whisky